"Legacies of Life"
Donor Family Quilt

The "Legacies of Life" Donor Family Quilt is a tribute to loved ones who have given the

Gift of Sight through eye/cornea donation.

Families are welcome to submit a one page description about their quilt square and loved one for placement in the "Legacies of Life" storybook that accompanies the quilt.

For instructions on how to create and submit your quilt square, please download the "Legacies of Life" brochure and release form by clicking on the links below.  If you wish to receive a brochure by mail, please contact us at (585) 272-7890.

Donor families may reserve the panel on which their loved one's quilt square appears for special occasions.

To reserve a quilt panel, please call (585) 272-7890 and ask for a Donor Family Services Coordinator.